Chaos Cute Soft is here, developing visual novels that will bring in a mix of emotions and colors. We will be here to show you that there is light to be found in the darkness.

We are an independent game studio based out of New York City that focuses on a mixture of kawaii and dark aesthetics. This studio was founded by Linnea Kataja and David Maiman when they met together at an anime convention, deciding to make a visual novel together! We hope you enjoy the games we put out together. While we are an English Visual Novel developer (EVN), we also are focused on producing our visual novels in multiple languages. We want our games to be enjoyed by anime and manga fans across the world!

The main game we are currently working on is Amanita Asphyxia. In addition, as a gift to our fans, we have our first published short visual novel available for free! Currently available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. Get them here:

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What is Hasunosora Girls’ High School Idol Club?

The Love Live! School Idol Project mixed media franchise has seen many iterations so far, and shows no sign of ...
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Otakon 2021: A Return To Normalcy

Otakon 2021 happened from August 6-8, 2021 at the usual location of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, ...
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Group shot

COVID-19 edition May 2020 Dev Update

It's been a while! We have been hunkering down during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This virus has certainly been tough ...
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Puchicon and more dev updates

puchicon and misago con This weekend was Puchicon and it marks the first time that Chaos Cute Soft was featured ...
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New Sprites for Annabel

Sprites & Music! Amanita Asphyxia Updates 2019-02-24

new sprites new music The artwork is chugging along at a nice pace. Linnea has been hard at work creating ...
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Indie Game Studio Friends

Friends form a studio Chaos Cute Soft organized itself quite organically. We began just as two friends, a developer and ...
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Aqours: Going Solo, Fan Clubs, and Things To Sell You: Part 1

It's a great time to be alive if you're an Aqours fan with money to spend. Though there have been ...
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Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation Steam Release

cirno's perfect summer vacation now on steam! Our first release ever on Steam has happened! This feels like a huge ...
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Moe Era cast

Moe Era | Visual Novel Review

the story of moe era What's the story of your life? What's your purpose? Do you live each day to ...
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Planetarian Stars

Planetarian | Visual Novel Review

the world of planetarian After the world has already ended, humanity struggles for survival. In Planetarian, our main character wanders ...
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