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Friends form a studio


Chaos Cute Soft organized itself quite organically. We began just as two friends, a developer and an artist, got together deciding to make a visual novel. Since then, we have talked publicly about what we are creating and more of our friends decided to come to join our team! Since forming Chaos Cute Soft, all of us on the team are developing a close bond with each other. 

A big part of our marketing plan this year is to go out to anime conventions and give presentations about visual novels. We put in a lot of time creating a fun panel, giving the panel from within a visual novel. We also involve everyone from the team that comes to the convention in doing the presentation. Since we are spending so much time together at these fun events, our friendships only grow stronger. We share hotels together at some events where we watch anime and even read other visual novels together as a group! I have built up so many great memories in just these last few months with my wonderful team.

Sushi Jenga

Part of our custom is also to get together on Saturdays to work on our project together in our favorite cafe, The Bean. Sometimes we also do social events these days. Just last weekend we all went out together to play board games, have cute desserts, play arcade games and enjoy some dinner together. I will say that playing board games and card games is a great way to get to know your friends better. We learn to work as a team and also understand each other’s personalities even better. These bonding exercises are wonderful and result in us working together better as a team. 

closing remarks

Creating a game studio to make video games is a lifelong dream of mine, and now it is finally coming true. We have our first game out on Steam, are working hard on a full-featured game and I have made a lot of great friends in the process. I couldn’t do this without my team and I think it’s really important to build those relationships with the people you work with. 

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