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Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation [Touhou Fan Game Jam 9]Moka Latte just started her new maid job at a fancy apartment next to Central Park when it started snowing! Just what’s going on here?!


Dark Whispers [Touhou Fan Game Jam 4]
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This short Touhou Visual Novel was created in a day by Prince David & Mari. This was their first time creating a visual novel and it helped teach them how to work with Ren’py. This is a girl’s love story with something dark happening in the background.



Anime Artist

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KeikoKup added her own artwork into Anime Artist! It’s just 1 dollar for the DLC and will let you relax as you paint her pictures with your PC!
Made by NEOCLASSIC Games




KeikoKup’s current ongoing comic! What will wannabe rocker girl Cheire do when she is visited by a crazy killer angel who says she’ll take revenge for Cherie’s broken heart?!
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