Aqours: Going Solo, Fan Clubs, and Things To Sell You: Part 1

It’s a great time to be alive if you’re an Aqours fan with money to spend. Though there have been no signs of Aqours ending, many of the seiyuu have become involved in solo projects. This post will be updated as more and more information comes out about the Aqours seiyuu’s solo careers. For now, here’s the latest and greatest on what’s happening.

Aika Kobayashi (Aikyan)

Aika Kobayashi, the voice of Yoshiko Tsushima Yohane, will be releasing a single called “NO LIFE CODE” on February 26. Here’s a preview of the PV for it:

I love the colorful visuals in this video. It’s a very catchy and upbeat song and I’m really looking forward to the full version. You can preorder the single here.

Aikyan launched her fanclub, simply called “and,” a few months ago. It’s only 400 yen (plus tax) per month to join and accepts foreign credit cards. Joining gets you access to member-exclusive photos, videos, radio shows, merch, and more. More info about the fanclub can be found here.

Nanaka Suwa (Suwawa)

Nanaka Suwa, who provides the voice for Kanan Matsuura, has an album coming out April 15. Here’s a preview of the PV for “So Sweet”:

Lots of sweets in this one; I’m getting hungry just watching it! You can preorder the album here. It will have 10 songs on it and includes a blu-ray.

Aina Suzuki (Ainya)

Aina Suzuki, the voice of Mari Ohara, recently released her debut album “ring A ring.” It’s even on Spotify!

This album contains her debut single “Hirakiiro no Uta” from the anime series Hatena☆Illusion. Here’s the PV for it:

You can purchase the album here. The premium edition comes in a really nice box with a photo book and a special key ring. Here it is on the left, next to the beginning of my next addiction:

Aqours & Love Live merchandise

Ainya also has a fanclub! It launched just recently and it’s called “Ai catwalk.” It’s 500 yen per month to join and gets you access to exclusive photos, limited merch, pre-orders for her live events, and much more. Check it out here and click the bottom button to register. Registering is not too difficult, just use the Google Translate plugin for your browser. You will need a Tenso address, so if you don’t have one, head on over here for a guide on how to set one up.

That’s all for now. There’s a lot more to discuss on this topic though, but I wanted to cover the recent news for now. Many of the other Aqours seiyuu also have fanclubs and solo singles/albums that have been out for a few months now. I’ll discuss those next time, so please look forward to it!

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