Sprites & Music! Amanita Asphyxia Updates 2019-02-24

new sprites new music

New Sprites for Annabel

The artwork is chugging along at a nice pace. Linnea has been hard at work creating character sprites starting with Annabel who you can see here. We will have multiple expressions for each character so it does take a bit of work! We also are in the process of preparing background images, starting off with photos from a school here in NYC. 

Progress is moving right along now for Amanita Asphyxia. For the development team, we are hard at work creating the user interface for the game. We are still working out the menus but have decided to go with a horizontal main menu, so we have placeholder buttons in place for now. We also have the bottom textbox ready. We are debating if we should have side portraits or not. We would love to hear your thoughts on that. 

On the story front, we have a first draft ready for our demo script. Our team has been busy proofreading it and giving feedback to Linnea. Once we all get our feedback to her, she is going to work on a finalized script for the demo. Soon enough we will have the script in the game!

In addition to the usual work, we have also begun work on the music. We don’t have any music we can share with the public yet, but Jan has been working on creating our title theme! In the meantime enjoy some music that has inspired us.

closing remarks

Overall, while we are still safe on our schedule, progress has been going slower than I originally anticipated. This is a part-time passion project for our team, not a full-time job, so we do not move as quickly as full game studios. It’s tough scheduling everything into our week, but our game studio is also part of our lifestyle now. That said, I am excited by our progress and still hopeful that we will have this game out to you by the end of the year!

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