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the story of moe era

Moe Era cast

What’s the story of your life? What’s your purpose? Do you live each day to your fullest or are you just a cog in the machine? This is not the kind of question I expected to ask myself when I started playing Moe Era but this game ended up really making me think deeply about my life. 

On the surface, Moe Era looks like just another cute girl anime dating sim. However, as soon as you start this game up, you will be confronted with some uncomfortable questions that will show that this game is more than the sum of its parts.

Each day in this game begins with a strange dream where you play a slot machine type of arcade machine. Pay attention to what it comes up with as this will be a hint to how you will spend your next day. This game transports you around the world where you are in a special class with just a few other girls and one boy. There are some strange moments sprinkled throughout but there is an overarching story. The main story becomes clear once you start going through each of the main endings.

closing remarks

I am being discrete with what I share because I feel this is a very personal experience. Each person will get something different out of it. The character designs are really cute for the girls and the music is pretty enjoyable, especially that one Russian track. It’s a short read, taking me less than 4 hours to go through each route. I do highly recommend you play this game, I find myself now wanting to live my best life after playing this. It is definitely an inspiration and I hope you all find a positive enjoyment from this game too. You can download the game for free now on Steam. If you want to check out some other visual novel reviews, check out our thoughts on KARAKARA and Planetarian!

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