Panzermadels Visual Novel Review | Do You Want to Date a Tank?

panzermadels tank girls

Panzermadels Weeb Panzer IV

Panzermadels was obtained as a gift from DEVGRU-P but our review was written openly.

Do you like tanks? Do you like World War 2 history? How about cute anime waifus? Well, then you came to the right place with Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator! Panzermadels is a comical dating sim by DEVGRU-P  where you enter a school full of tank girls from the World War 2 era. One of the funniest parts of this visual novel is your drill sergeant. He feels like he stepped out right from “Full Metal Jacket” and into Akihabara!

Panzermadles is a short comedy visual novel. If you have ever seen classic World War 2 movies or know a bit of World War 2 history, then you will find yourself cracking up at a lot of this story. Even if your WW2 knowledge is lacking, it’s still a really cute and even educational story! I have learned a lot about the quirky tanks and their history just by playing this game. I also have a new appreciation for tanks and the important roles they had in the battles of World War 2.

Sherman tank

Panzermadels is a pretty fun visual novel, but this game will have a lot more value if you have a passion for World War 2 and Tank history. It’s available now on Steam, and for those that want, there is an adult patch as well! If you want to see more, check out our Let’s Play series on YouTube!

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You can download Panzermadels from Humble Bundle here. All purchases made with the Humble Bundle link go to help Chaos Cute Soft!