Saber & The Grail: Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel Review

Fate/Stay Night: saber
Saber and Illya

Welcome to our review of Fate/Stay Night, Saber route! We will have reviews in the future for Unlimited Blade Works and Heavens Feel later. Fate/Stay Night is one of the most famous visual novels of all time and is popular for good reason. Fate has some of the most exciting writing in all of the Visual Novel genre. This is because of the beautiful characters and a lot of exciting action. The visual novel is split into 3 story routes, as mentioned above, so this review will cover just the first, Saber’s route.


Saber sunset

The story of Fate centers around the Holy Grail War. This is a winner take all fight between Masters (magical summoners) and their Servants (summoned heroes). What makes these Servants really interesting is they are the spirits of legendary heroes from the past. Each servant has a Noble Phantasm, an ultimate move. Another great part of the story is how they use magic. The story is writing makes you FEEL the mana flowing your body as if you were the one using the magic. The action scenes are really well-written too, something that can be difficult to pull off in a written story.

You get really sucked into the fights, which also is helped by the great art and sound effects. This route focuses on your servant Saber, her back story and quest for the Holy Grail. Saber is the epitome of strong women everywhere and yet you will certainly feel a very soft spot for her. One of the drawbacks is there are points where the story drags, the entire storyline took me over 50 hours to complete reading.


Saber towel

Fate/Stay Night is well worth the read if you have been looking to get into this huge franchise. The story is engaging with vivid characters. Also, be sure to check out our complete live stream playthrough of Fate/Stay Night!

While there is no official release of the game in English, you can find fan translations. You can get the game for the Vita in Japanese or buy the Bluray from Amazon.

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