Cindy Klimt – Amanita Asphxyia’s Army Brat

Introducing Cindy Klimt

Meet Cindy Klimt, our 4th and final character in Amanita Asphyxia! Be sure to also read about Ilia, Jun, and Anabel if you haven’t already.
Cindy Klimt

Name: Cindy Klimt

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: Was previously training to enter the army but was disqualified due to her bad mental health, afterward went to college to become a personal trainer. At the base post-apocalypse she will explore new areas using the weapons she has for a defense to check for any hazards that way Jun can go in later to collect supplies, she is also using the telephone at the base to try and contact other people if they are out there.

Cindy’s physique

Height: 5’1

Eye Color: Red/orange

Hair Color: Blonde

Build: She is fit and fairly strong but is still very small which gives her some disadvantages, but she could still fight someone bigger than her and win

Distinguishing features: Her very fluffy hair with the cute pigtails <3

Preferred Outfit: Something easy to move around in, also likes punk clothes since it makes her feel tough

Grooming: Messy hair and a bit of a rough appearance but she is smol and cute to even it out uwu

Distinguishing “Tics”: Yells too much during normal conversation and is overly excitable

Health: High energy person and generally healthy physically

Handwriting: Looks like chicken scratch 

cindy’s personality

Gait: Walks proudly and upright, confident to the point of seeming cocky

Style of Speech: Loud and aggressive, has a strong presence

Tempo of Speech: Fast and emphasizes words for emotion

Pitch: Kind of a bratty tsundere voice, not super high-pitched

Posture: Upright, stands proud

Gesturing: Loud gesturing, points a lot and crosses her arms proudly, puts hands on hips

Eye Contact: Will normally make direct eye contact but when flustered will avoid your eyes

Catchphrases: “How dare you!!” or “D-don’t talk to me like that!!” lmao

Laughter: Has a loud and deep laugh, will laugh at you when you do something stupid

Smile: Can have a condescending smile towards you if you do something dumb but when she truly comes to care about you her smile is gentle and angelic

Emotive?: YES, to a fault since you can read her emotions easily


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