Ilia Onai | Amanita Asphyxia’s Flower Child

Ilia Onai
all about ilia onai

Name: Ilia Onai

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: A high school graduate looking to take on the trade of some kind, involving nature or humanitarian issues, before the crisis hit. With her extensive knowledge of nature including plants and fungus, she gathers resources from the outside for the group to use at the base. Her knowledge of plans and nature keep the group safe.

the physical appearance of ilia

Height: 5’9

Eye Color: Black with hints of teal/green

Hair Color: Black with teal or blue highlights

Build: Long, slender and graceful like a runway model, a little bit toned muscle-wise

Preferred outfit: She does not believe in wearing much clothing and even before the apocalypse would be naked indoors or if given the chance would want to strip outside. She’s a bit of a hippie-type. Her outfit consists of dried flowers she collected before the apocalypse as well as fabric barely covering her body. However when she goes out she may wear a light scarf over her body to protect herself from the elements and any plants that may be acidic.

Health: Steady energy and can hold herself upright, does not appear to become sleepy.

Grooming: She is clean and well kept but probably doesn’t shave at all

ilia’s personality

Eye Contact: Makes good eye contact, but her eyes are calm but mesmerizing in a way like she is sucking you into her own world.

Distinguishing “Tics”: Will go into her own little world when thinking about things she’s fascinated by or even by perverted stuff and will have no filter, this causes the other characters to become flustered.

Handwriting: Light-handed and simple, perhaps the characters are long vertically

Gait: Walks about in a fairy/nymph-like way on her tiptoes many times, like she is slightly floating

Style of speech: Has a soft and mature/lady-like tone, almost like whispering

Gesturing: Uses the length of her arms, stretches long arms and legs, when in her own world holds hands to face, makes soft and slow gestures

Catchphrases: Why don’t you just let nature have its way~?

Laughter: Does not open mouth much when giggling, like “ufufu” lol

Smile: Seems proper but feels a bit perverted on closer inspection

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