Jun – An Introduction to Amanita Asphyxia’s Protagonist

Meet Jun


We are very excited to introduce you to Jun, the main character in our upcoming visual novel, Amanita Asphyxia.

Name: Jun

Age: 18

Height: 5’7

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Black

Build: Lean muscular

Place of Birth: New York NY

Current Location: New York NY

Nationality: Chinese American

Education: High school graduate

Favorite place to be as a child: On top of a tall building or somewhere up high, where the city feels small

Distinguishing “tics”: When deep in thought may trail off not finishing their sentence, leaves people around them wondering what they’re gonna say

Smile: Calm, peaceful and subtle, like the eye of the storm

Posture: Stands straight, solid posture but not stiff. When tired or more relaxed stands with back leaning farther out

Style of Speech: To the point, often short, chooses words carefully, can be a bit stoic but this makes their very emotional moments stand out. However, when with the girls they are a bit more light-hearted and likes to tease them a little bit for their reactions, has a light sense of humor

Personality: The leader of the group, chooses words carefully and thinks about the consequences. They were never very popular or outgoing but started to form friendships after the world ended.


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