Another Convention: Zenkaikon, Setsucon + more news

Convention news

Another convention , Zenkaikon

We have some exciting news this week here at Chaos Cute Soft! We are going to be attending yet another convention this March, Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA! In addition to this convention, we will be over at Setsucon this weekend. Look forward to another convention report once we come back home.

Convention Schedule

Convention Schedule

We are going across North America this year! Check out our full schedule so far! This list will continue to grow.

amanita asphyxia Updates

Amanita Asphyxia development has been chugging along too. KeikoKup has written a good portion now of the intro section for the script. We have also been doing lots of planning and revisions to our user interface! We hope the UI we create will be very friendly and appealing to you all.

livestream news

Fate Unlimited Blade WorksWe are full steam ahead in our Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works visual novel live streams! We are very deep into the story now, already on day 14 out of 16 so the conclusion will be coming soon. For our next game, we are still not sure which game we will play. We are considering playing Planetarian from the famous Visual Novel developer Key. Another great option is the Date-A-Live visual novel, as David Maiman has just won a copy of it off of Twitter! We have a lot of visual novels in our library and backlog so expect more great live streams. 

closing remarks

That does it for our update this week! Stay tuned to our blog for more great Otaku news and articles.

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