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k-on! … kawaii-on?

K-ON Yui Guitar


K-ON is the quintessential slice-of-life moe anime series. This term is not to tear down the show, but it is still an apt description. K-ON is full of cute anime girls doing cute things, but there is so much more than just the surface kawaiiness.

k-on!’s story


The story is a fairly simple one. It centers around 5 girls, Yui, Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi and Azusa, as they spend their high school days in the light music club. There are some basic plots to each episode but it is really more about the girl’s daily life than a pure musical anime. Where the show really shines is in the characters. The show takes place during all 3 years of high school. While the girls do maintain their personality, they also grow and develop as people. Yui enters the club without any musical experience but learns to become a great guitar player. There were certainly episodes that felt boring or certain stories would drag. Still, I found myself becoming very attached to all the girls of the Light Music Club as if I was there with them during their high school years. The loveable characters, funny situations, cute moments and life experiences in the show are what make K-ON really stand out.

Art style

The character designs in K-ON are all extremely cute. I loved the look of each girl with their large eyes, unique cute hairstyles, and distinctive shapes. Everything is animated beautifully with fluid movements and is often quite detailed. The moments where the girls dressed up in costume are so cute, especially when Azu-nyan wore the cat ears.

K-ON Azu-nyan

K-ON!’s Music

All of the openings and endings in K-ON are a ton of fun. The music sounds very cute and is really catchy. There is a reason that the songs are now considered classics. I would say that I wished there was more music on the show. I loved all the songs that were there but in a show based on music I had expected for there to be more songs.

Closing remarks

K-ON is a warm bowl of mac and cheese on a cold winter’s day. K-ON is not a drama-heavy anime but has loveable kawaii characters with a lot of heart. If you are looking for cute anime to relax with, this is one of the best you will find.

You can watch K-ON streaming on Netflix or purchase the full set from Amazon.

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