Cold Brew: A Chilly Summer’s Morn

Moka wolfed down her muffin and snatched her purse from the table. After rushing through her breakfast, she quickly slid on her white laced shoes then opened the door dressed in her usual low cut maid outfit. Moka opens the door. Once she opened it, she feels a gush of cold air, her skin prickling out in goosebumps. Odd, it usually doesn’t get this cold in early September. She ran down the stairs, rushing to make sure she wouldn’t be late to work. As she opened the door to her apartment, she was shocked by what she saw. A thick blanket of virgin snow was dumped all over the street. Up above the clouds were quickly circling in dark grey puffs, the howling wind biting at her exposed skin. Just what was happening here?

A cold summer morning

If you want to find out what happens next, then be sure to read Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation! This short story was the springboard for us to begin work on Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation. Do you want to see more short stories like this? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! We also have a YouTube page where you can watch our latest visual novel live stream video recordings!

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