[ Visual Novel Retrospect ] Cirno’s Vacation

Visual Novel retrospect

Cirno’s perfect summer vacation

I had a wonderful time creating Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation. This was the first time I had ever published a game to a major distribution platform and I feel so proud of it! I feel that creating this had taught me and the team so much, now we feel ready to take on the world with our feature-length visual novel.  Below are my notes for our post-mortem, what worked, what didn’t what would be better for next time!

What worked:

Visual Novel text: Moka winced as the vampire approached her and touched her skin
What didn’t work:

  • Taking on too much work on my own: One of my constant struggles is that I take on much more work than I can handle. I ended up doing too much on my own so our story was lacking polish
  • A mixture of tense in words; Unintentionally I was mixing a lot of the writing between future and present tense
  • Sprites were different sizes and sometimes intersecting with each other
  • The story was initially too long, had to be cut and smushed together
  • Character intros too long, the meat of story too short
  • Some backgrounds didn’t really go well with the scene
  • Mixed up image naming convention
  • File size too large
Cirno eats ice cream in our visual novel
Aww yeah New York Ice Cream is the best!

What would be better for the next visual novel:

  • Early on divide up work for the entire team
  • Keep consistent image naming convention (‘this_name.png” for filename and “this name” for the image variables)
  • Check sprite sizes as you develop and scale them if necessary
  • Compress images or spit up a sprite sheet
  • Write everything in the present tense
  • Keep the story a comfortable length
  • Have someone edit the story and check for flow


In conclusion, this visual novel made for the Cirno 9 jam gave us the full development life cycle within a short period of time. Next time we will have a lot more experience and create an even better visual novel!