Page Marketing on Facebook for Visual Novels

Introduction to facebook page marketing

Facebook Page 20k Followers
A lot of indie developers shy away from using marketing on their Facebook Page as the most effective way to grow is through paid ads. The good news is, you can still grow your page cheaply! Strategically using paid ads and learning how to grow organically can help bring so many more fans to your games.

Know your audience

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The most important thing before you get started is to know who your audience is. Since we are making visual novels, we know we can appeal to fans of other visual novels. We also know that we can reach out to anime and manga fans. Make a list of who your audience is, what they like, where they live, how old they are, etc. This information will be useful when you start creating your Facebook ads.

promote your page on facebook

 To get started with creating your Facebook ad, navigate to your page then click on Ad Center. There will be a big blue button that says “Promote”. Click that button and let’s get started.


The first type of useful ad you can make is “Promote Your Page”. Click that button and you will get the following screen:

Already you can see we have a warning. Facebook ads do best if there is limited text on the promotional image. If there is too much text on the image, you will need to ask Facebook to manually approve your ad. Let’s change this image into something colorful that will really grab the audience’s attention.

Page Ad Image
As you can see here, we also have the options to add a video or slideshow. Select a medium that you feel can best excite your audience. Bright colors are known to capture attention really well. You will also want to have a large clear picture of your character so it looks good on all resolutions. We most frequently use widescreen and square images.

Now once you are done, scroll down to where it says Audience and click “Create New Audience”.

Page Ad Audience
Now use the information you know about your audience to define them. You can choose multiple interests and regions. As you can see, Facebook tells you when your audience is specific enough and how big your potential size is.
Now you just need to set a budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a lot of likes. You can see they give you an estimate of how many likes you will get but it’s not always accurate. Even if you just spend a few dollars, if you have a quality audience, you will get lots of followers!

Closing remarks

Once you grow your Facebook followers, you can start focusing on organic growth. If there are any problems with one of your ads, you can always pause/cancel the ad and start a new one! Experiment with different ad types and try to attract a larger audience. This is our first marketing blog but if you are curious about other parts of game production, read about publishing on Steam and Ren’py Translations.